Captain’s February Run

Great run today, Strathaven, Muirkirk, New Cumnock, A76, Crawick Water, Crawfordjohn, coffee at Happendon, then home.

Excellent weather organised by Captain yet again. Cipo and Hamster engaged in early banter, fire was then directed at Corporal Farrell (brought the Barrel) (Drummer Hoff fired it off etc .. did you read that to your kids? otherwise this is just gobbledygook to you), some spice added by the president with his Big Stirring Spoon. However, Happendon was reached without a black eye, though sore legs were distributed by Cipo at a couple of points. Cammie F joined us. Steve B had a good ride, but Ciaran complained at the pace more times than seemed necessary. Trev going well and was annoyed at us letting Cipo take the p*ss up te Crawick – should have chased him down yourself mate! Stuart GT* got round without his knee popping out – Happy Days.

Captains stats can be found here –

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Road cycling club catering for all abilities of rider.
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